Catch and ride the new waves of green-tech innovations!

R-initiatives are steady waves of innovation driving a more sustainable future. The current wave is in motion, propelling progress forward and directing our path as the next wave gains strength and the rising wave begins to form.

Using the combined power of people, data, and autonomous solutions from Hexagon and our partners, we’re creating a world where business, industry and environmental stewardship are interdependent and healthy. This is not only possible—it’s already happening!

R-evolution’s business model addresses the world’s sustainability challenges through R-initiatives and R-ventures. With every investment scenario, R-evolution is 100 percent business-driven. R-initiatives are directly involved in technology deployment, often investing in proprietary projects that it runs and operates. All investments target a return that can be leveraged to fund future initiatives. This reinvestment-of-profits-strategy positions R-evolution on a trajectory for exponential growth. R-ventures are direct investments through funding or in-kind technology to green-tech startups that are making a positive impact on the planet.

Mastering the waves

R-evolution invites you not only to catch the waves, but also to create and ride them with profit-driven, green-tech solutions. Like Hexagon, R-initiatives focus on putting data to work to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality wisely, and in a way that mitigates the damaging effects of pollution, depletion and waste.

With every project, we aim to leverage multiple Hexagon technologies to deliver a Smart Digital Reality, where every asset, process and place within the project ecosystem is digitalised, connected and intelligent. A Smart Digital Reality is increasingly autonomous, with the ability to make unaided decisions and become smarter over time – empowering an autonomous, sustainable future.

The current wave

R-evolution’s current wave is surging, with an investment in solar and wind energy, followed closely by ecological monitoring. This wave relies on solutions from Hexagon, putting to work expertise in autonomous technologies for air, land, and water. With projects in various stages of progress, we have a clear view of profitability and technology impact.

Learn more about Hexagon's technology in action in the wind industry.

Furthest along is our solar project portfolio in Spain, producing enough energy to power nearly 6,000 households each year! Read more.


The next wave

R-evolution’s next wave focuses on areas that promise near-term growth and profitability. Work on green hydrogen, innovative storage solutions and carbon capture have already begun. These projects will not only leverage Hexagon’s technology, but also innovations from other ecosystem technology leaders.

Learn more about our Ocean Project collaboration with Beneath the Waves to map the threatened seagrass meadows of the Caribbean islands—leveraging tiger sharks and Hexagon’s airborne bathymetric LiDAR solutions. 



The rising wave

The rising wave, barely seen yet full of promise, brings R-evolution to its full potential. In their earliest stages are the next level of sustainable agriculture and desalination projects, followed by eliminating microplastics, e-waste mining, biotech-produced food, sustainable fisheries and more. This wave is where partnerships, ecosystem development and venture investment opportunities are available to those who share our vision of a profitable and sustainable future.