Boosting wind energy efficiency to accelerate the green energy transition

Wind is an established energy source with over 750GW of power already deployed and year-over-year growth of 10-15%. This increase in adoption has been driven mainly by the significant cost improvement of relevant assets combined with greater operational efficiency and increased governmental support via grants and policies. 

Although the improvements have already been significant, great technological innovations are yet to be applied, impacting the full asset and site lifecycle for the different "deployment types" – offshore and onshore wind. 

By leveraging key technology solutions from Hexagon and partners, R-evolution is establishing the blueprint for the digitalisation of wind energy production.  

Putting wind and data to work

Every stage in the lifecycle of wind power can be optimised by creating a digital thread of information that creates a cycle of continuous improvement.  

R-evolution’s role has been to define a blueprint that helps EPCs, asset owners, O&M teams and OEMs to identify their gaps and select the technology capabilities they need, which could come either from Hexagon or from its partners. This will deliver strong contributions in terms of boosting site and asset efficiency at the different stages of their lifecycle, resulting in a significant impact on their bottom line and promoting higher adoption. 

When it comes to improving efficiency along the digital thread, Hexagon’s technology is unbeatable. Hexagon provides a set of reality capture and digital software solutions that are already proven in over 25 different segments. When these solutions are combined, they form a Smart Digital Reality™.  

The R-evolution wind blueprint


  • QUINDOS – Turbine evaluation 
  • Solutions by NovAtel – Landscape geospatial mapping 
  • EcoSys – Project controls and management focused on cost 
  • Actran, scFLOW, Cradle CFD and Adams – Site selection simulation and blade dynamics 
  • HxGN SDx – Dashboards for data visualisation, consolidating systems and documentation management 
  • Leica T-Scan 5 and VGSTUDIO MAX – Wind turbine blade inspection 
  • MSC Software, Marc, CAEfatigue and solutions by Simufact – Blade fatigue 
  • OxBlue cameras and Leica BLK 247 – Camera and Lidar technology for construction management and security 
  • j5 Shift Operations Management – Operations work management, regulatory compliance  
  • Solutions by Infor – Asset management, regulatory compliance, scheduling, asset strategy 
  • Leica BLK2GO, Leica BLK2FLY, Leica RTC360 – Reality capture with Lidar scanner 
  • Luciad Portfolio – Situational awareness and event monitoring 
  • Romax products – Rapid modelling, concept exploration, simulation and virtual product sign-off 


We are currently looking for an investment opportunity to transform an existing wind energy operation into the world’s most advanced wind project. Do you have wind assets for sale or to coinvest? Reach out to us. 

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