Green Cubes: A digital revolution for rainforest conservation

According to the World Wildlife Fund, global wildlife populations have witnessed an alarming average decline of 69% over the past 50 years, due to activities such as deforestation, livestock farming and palm oil production. In response to this, R-evolution’s forest initiative stands as a beacon of hope. It goes beyond mere conservation, redefining the relationship between technology, science and environmental stewardship.

Green Cubes – A new approach for rainforest conservation

The Green Cubes concept provides precise volume, health assessments and biodiversity trends of rainforests at scale, collaborating with scientists and local communities to strengthen conservation efforts, while offering forest owners a sustainable and recurring income. As a result, Green Cubes offers committed enterprises an opportunity to promote biodiversity conservation through an annual sponsorship model – to meet the requirements for ESG engagement and differentiate through proactive contributions to biodiversity conservation. The sponsorable assets, 'Green Cubes', are an output from the 3D reality capture of the forest, that represents the extent by volume. 1 cubic meter = 1 Green Cube. This is complemented using the in-situ data collection that is analyzed by the scientist community to identify the health and biodiversity trends.

Powered by technology, validated by science

Green Cubes conducts accurate forest assessments on a large scale, working in collaboration with scientists and local communities to enhance conservation initiatives and connect actors across the globe. R-evolution has led developed the Green Cubes Nature Methodology, a science-based, peer-reviewed approach to forest monitoring. The methodology describes volume assessment based on density and height, along with a health assessment of the forest capacity to sustain life, as well as biodiversity indication measures of flora and fauna.