Innovating for Nature

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At R-evolution, Hexagon’s sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary, we are thrilled to announce a transformative collaboration with Microsoft aimed at advancing the cause of nature conservation through cutting-edge technology and community growth.

This collaboration unites our Green Cubes initiative with Microsoft’s unparalleled expertise in generative AI and their reach to potential sponsors through the Azure Marketplace, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to reversing the global decline in biodiversity.

The urgency of this mission is underscored by a World Wildlife Fund report indicating a 69% decrease in biodiversity over the last fifty years, driven largely by human activities such as deforestation, agriculture, and industrialisation. In response, R-evolution and Microsoft are leveraging our respective strengths to enhance conservation efforts at critical biodiversity hotspots across the globe.

Green Cubes has quickly established itself as a leading platform for biodiversity monitoring, providing comprehensive data that captures the complexity and trends of ecosystems in vulnerable areas. The initiative is deeply integrated with local communities and supported by a robust network of scientists, ignited in Costa Rica, La Gamba Tropenstation, a site with a 30-year legacy in tropical rainforest conservation.

Erik Josefsson, CEO of R-evolution, explains the mission of Green Cubes and Microsoft collaboration: “We are putting data to work to accelerate nature conservation while helping local communities find a sustainable business alternative to deforesting their homes. We are excited about Microsoft’s commitment to leading biodiversity conservation and collaborate on GenAI. We are happy to share that as of April 25th we expand the community with Green Cubes available for sponsorship at Microsoft marketplace.”

Microsoft’s contribution is critical in amplifying our efforts. By injecting GenAI capabilities into Green Cubes, Microsoft and R-evolution’s aim to collaborate to optimise the project’s Earth observation algorithms and expands the reach and efficacy of the environmental monitoring and reporting. Looking ahead, Microsoft will further support the growth of the Green Cubes community by featuring it in their Marketplace, facilitating broader engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

This partnership between Microsoft and R-evolution is more than just a collaborative project; it's a visionary model for corporate responsibility in environmental conservation. By integrating sophisticated technologies with practical, community-focused conservation efforts, they are paving the way for other corporations to follow suit, offering hope and a tangible path forward in addressing one of the most pressing global challenges of our time—biodiversity loss.

To learn more about R-evolution's work in green-tech innovations, visit R-projects