"R" Projects

On the front lines of R-evolution

R-evolution in progress: Digitalise solar energy production

R-evolution’s first wave of investments is in decarbonization. The projects are aimed at reducing carbon emissions by ramping up solar energy production, one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and scalable renewable energy sources.

The first of these ventures is the acquisition of a 40-hectare site (equivalent to 60 football fields) in Archidona, Spain, located just north of Málaga airport. The site includes a recently constructed, 8.24 megawatt peak (MWp) photovoltaic solar park, which uses PV cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity and is currently connected to the grid. Expansion plans underway will double the park’s capacity to 16.44 MWp – enough to power nearly all the households in Archidona each year. The completed solar park will include almost 40,000 bifacial (double-sided) panels mounted on horizontal axis trackers, which together enable energy absorption from both sides and automatic tracking of the sun to increase efficiency and output. R-evolution will operate and expand the park’s efficiency by putting data to work using Hexagon’s hardware and software monitoring solutions, including visualisation platforms and sensors. The technologies will combine to create a Smart Digital Reality of the entire solar park that can be remotely and autonomously monitored to detect solar panel anomalies, improve maintenance, aid inspections and more.

This is a high-growth sector with a lower cost of entry in recent years – the price of solar panels has fallen 70 per cent since 2017. Already today, solar power alone accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the expected growth in renewables. Major markets, such as the United States, China and the European Union are expected to add an average of 125+ GW of capacity per year through 2025. Solar technology innovations will continue to drive costs down while improving efficiency, a trend forecasted to continue for the next decade. R-evolution will accelerate this trend by leveraging Hexagon’s solutions.


The R-evolution difference-maker: Hexagon’s solutions

There’s not a company in the world positioned quite like Hexagon that is poised to deliver digital solutions across such a broad array of sustainability applications. Hexagon’s mission is entirely focused on putting data to work to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality wisely, and in a way that mitigates the urgent risks of depletion and waste.

The vision for every R-evolution project is to leverage Hexagon’s technologies to create a Smart Digital Reality, where every asset, person, process and place is digitalised, connected and intelligent. These sensor, software and autonomous technologies add up to a powerfully disruptive force for the solar industry.

Explore Hexagon’s technologies that will be used in the solar project below.


R-evolution future projects

Our current investments focus on building out renewable energy generation from new solar farms. Wind generation is slated for this investment round, as is ecological monitoring through Hexagon’s geospatial technologies. Profits from the first wave will be reinvested in target sectors with the most promising growth potential, which may include hydrogen storage and transport as well as e-mobility. On the horizon, we see a rising wave of opportunities that include the development of a partner ecosystem and expansion into other urgent priority areas, including microplastics and e-waste, sustainable fisheries, and desalination projects, among others.