The R-evolution Story

Uniquely positioned to put data to work to save our planet

Inspired and Powered by Hexagon

Hexagon AB, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, is the brainchild behind R-evolution. Hexagon launched R-evolution to reinvent and empower how industry addresses complex environmental risk.

It is noteworthy that, in the face of a global pandemic that threatens the lives of millions, governments and businesses all over the world mobilised solutions and technologies at unprecedented speed, producing testing platforms, vaccines, and treatments. Hexagon, while inspired by this global effort, turned its focus to a global risk that has the potential to claim more lives and cause permanent economic damage if left unchecked: the very real and urgent risks to the earth’s environment.

Hexagon is in the business of leveraging technology and data in ways that improve productivity and quality while making processes more efficient. The result is fewer inputs and less waste. The concept behind R-evolution is no different. Sustainability projects can benefit from many of the same sensor, software, and autonomous solutions Hexagon’s customers use today.

Hexagon’s technologies already contribute to environmental sustainability by improving efficiency, quality, and safety in a broad array of industries and applications. At R-evolution, we call these Hexagon’s “R” Solutions.


Can data save the world?

Hear what Hexagon President & CEO Ola Rollèn has to say about it.